martes, 28 de junio de 2011

Poem for my dad

Loving, Nice, Beautiful and Happy
Father of Mayerlin
Who loves his family, cook, clean and wash clothers.
Who hates the lack of respect,  shout and the mistreatment.
Wants to live 101 year and too see his daughters and grandchildren to grow happy.
Happy Dia Daddy I Love.
... Espina 

Commenting on the video "Billionaire"

Talk to the video "Billionaire".

This video is wonderful because he talk about his dreams and that if carried out, as we would like to do.

martes, 31 de mayo de 2011


Poem for my monther

Let your heart full of love
I conceive the heart, life
and what I am proud to see me grow
teaching me know I talked with reason
and with the purest affection of your heart.

On each trip
I raised with your help
In each mistake
I recant your voice
And perhaps in every pain
Your words comforted me
I removed the affliction.

Poem for Linda...

Welcome to my blog

Mayerlin Espina Burgos

How do I look like?

My name is Mayerlin Espina Burgos, I have thirty-four years, I study at the University Rafael Belloso Chacin, I study the eighth quarter of integral education, I am a mother of a boy of eight years, am slim, my height is five feet and two centimeters of long brown hair, brown eyes, I am brunette, and I have small feet, and what I like about myself is my smile.

This is my classmate

Talking about Isamar Sarmiento...

Now I comment about my classmate Isamar Sarmiento, she is twentyyears old, she lives in La Coromoto Neigboardhood in San Francisco,she is tall, thin, she has long hair, brown eyes, she is brunette, she lovesdancing, partying, she likes chicken, pizza and ham, and she doesn´t like it is spaghetti and fish

These are my classmates

My fellow students are. Herlin Estrada, Liliana Hernández, IsamarSarmiento and me. We all study English III with Professor Doris Moleroin Section H312.